Tyrell Williams

Tyrell Williams

Wide Receiver

Update 2021 – Tyrell Williams missed the entire 2020 season due to a torn labrum in the shoulder and a September 2020 surgery. In February 2020 it was announced that he was released from his 4-year Raiders contract. Signing with Detroit, we wish him the best.

Tyrell Williams joining the Oakland Raiders in 2019 after 4 years playing as a San Diego Charger. Williams played football while attending Western Oregon University. Signed as an undrafted free agent, the San Diego Chargers initially put him on their practice squad. Making it onto the regular roster, 2 months later, Tyrell caught his first pass. It happened to be an 80-yard touchdown reception during the last game of the 2015 season.

Tyrell Williams played more during the next few years, and the Chargers saw a steady stream of receptions. So, in 2018, wanting to cash in on their great investment, the Chargers put the word out that they were looking for a trade. Tyrell fit right into the re-build plan of the Raiders and signed him for 2018.

A year later, in March of 2019, Tyrell signed a four-year $44 million contract with the Oakland Raiders. Unfortunately, he injured his foot during the 4th week of the season, missing a few games. After returning to play for the rest of the season, Tyrell’s dynamics with Derek Carr led to him making 42 receptions and 6 touchdowns that season. The highly anticipated move to Las Vegas occurred with a lot of focus being put onto Tyrell as a key player; however, it hasn’t occurred yet.  Tyrell is currently healing from a torn labrum in his shoulder.

What about Tyrell’s personal life?

He’s quite a private person. What we know is that he’s married. He tied the knot with Amber Williams, who subsequently gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Lyla. Tyrell started a foundation, attends charity functions, and helps organizations whenever possible.

Did You Know?

Tyrell Speaks Out About Black Lives Matter

Our Raiders are socially active citizens of America. They’re 6905E911 3A29 4AE9 ACBE F44E01E44DDFnot just about sports and have the notoriety to make a difference. Tyrell’s mother is white and his father is African American so he has experienced prejudices throughout his life. Recently, he made a powerful and moving statement in support of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. People were quite surprised as he usually keeps to himself.

Living in Las Vegas

Moved into his Las Vegas home, despite the pandemic, things were falling into place riding high as the top Raiders Wide Receiver on the roster until August 24, 2020. Once again Tyrell’s Labrum in his foot was injured. They’re hoping he will be able to work through it but if surgery is required, he will be out for the season. Our thoughts are with you, Mr.Tyrell Williams!

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