Plan How You’ll Tailgate During Covid

Woo-Hoo! Let’s Tailgate!

When the season kicked off in 2020, everything was certainly different! The NFL is all about changing game plans and fans are doing the same thing! This season theoretically there will be no tailgating at the stadium. However, the first game at Allegiant Stadium saw fans hanging out at the stadium. Vehicles with Raiders flags cruised by and there was plenty of honking horns. Fans walked around the outside of Allegiant and watched people and the Raiderettes cheer.

October games will see Allegiant Stadium selling two parking spaces, food and viewing of up to 5 people for $400 and $500. In case that isn’t worth the price of admission to you, there’s always the “Home Tailgating Party” to consider. Raiders fans adapt so put on your Raiders Gear, adjust your point of view, shift positions and do something different. There may be no cheering for scores at the stadium but there will be in homes!

The one thing that we can count on is that it’ll be great to see a game no matter if there are spectators or not! It may be obvious, but it’s important to emphasize that social distancing is not possible in football. Because social distancing is not possible the NFL has adapted new protocols and even created new equipment.

Of course, there will be temperature checks and hand washing. Automated “no touch” doors and spaced out lockers are another change. Besides the new recommended (but still optional) face shields with built in filter, all players wear contact tracing devices in their armbands. The NFL has enacted many changes including mandatory face mask wearing rules for all non-players on the field. The Raiders do constant testing for everyone that they are around. With professional athletes in the league many who are young, lets hope that they all are responsible.

Fan Options 

Since we cannot be at the games or at tailgating parties with friends, fans are creating new safety protocols for having fun. We need hope, and professional sports can offer it to many. Let’s all have a good time while being part of the solution. The staff of prepared a list with a few things you can do to still pull off our almighty tailgating in 2020.

Virtual Tailgates

This is the most obvious thing to do right now. It’s the safest option and anyone you know can participate from across the country. zoomZoom parties are actually a thing that most people are familiar with right now. Virtual meetings are also a good way to include your friends and family who are quarantined.

Zoom is definitely not the same as tailgating or going to a game in person. What it can be is a short term substitution, a compromise and a social event. Consider Zoom as a possible way to spend game day with your family and friends.

The free Zoom meetings program for multiple participants will have a 40-minute time limit. You can have a before-the-game party, a halftime party and one at the quarter breaks. Show off your food! Run the meeting for the whole game on the free version (group time limits apply) by ending the party for a minute and then having everyone log back in. There are also paid plans starting at $5.

Socially Distant Tailgates at a Home

The scent of barbeque and hearing loud music in any outdoor atmosphere are things that some of us still seek before and after the games. This is the year of the “Socially Raiders grilling 1Distant BBQ”. You know what risks you feel comfortable with at other people’s homes.

For hosting a party, we recommend you leave Clorox Wipes and Lysol Disinfectant Spray in the bathroom. You may also want to include a trash can just inside the bathroom door for people hesitant to touch doorknobs after washing their hands. Have foaming soap and paper towels on the counter. As hosts, you’ll want to do periodic wipe downs on faucets and door handles. 

As guests, you can still go to tailgates and enjoy music and food with friends and other fans during this challenging time. According to the CDC, there is a very low risk of transmitting COVID-19 through food. It makes sense because the disease is mainly trnsmitted through the air,  and the virus can’t grow on food. 

Remember that it’s important to prepare food in a way which will help others feel safe in consuming it. Make a dish with single-sized servings. Put your food for sharing in disposable containers and know that leftovers are a donation to the host.

With this “new-normal”, try not to touch anyone that you didn’t come with. It’s best to avoid sitting at a table with others. Hosts should have chairs scattered around. Try one of those or eat while standing. As a general courtesy, touch as little as possible while at a house party.

Remember that standing 6 feet back from another person with a mask on is the right thing to do. After you eat, please put your mask back on to protect others and you at the party.

Recliner Tailgating

Put on your Raiders Gear and kick back in your chair 3
recliner to watch the game. Cheer, yell at the players and coaches, and enjoy yourself! Be sure to set out the chips, dip and veggies for some appetizers. Then grab your favorite drink, beer or cocktail and you are ready to rumble!

Be sure to turn up the TV so you can hear the pre-game show while outside at the BBQ. Then treat your household to a great Sunday dinner complete with your favorite foods. This is all done in  the comfort and safety of your home with your favorite people. Make sure to take some recliner tailgating selfies and share them with us on Facebook at Raider Ladies Nation! Being safe is the best thing you can do for your city and your family, so have a great time doing it!

Raiders Masks

Raiders masks are COOL. Whether they are homemade, store bought, or printed, Raiders masks are all great. Wear one to whatever tailgating party you attend. Wearing any NFL team’s mask is a great way to show appreciation for the risk that all NFL players are taking to provide us, the fans, with football during this time. It is up to every one of us to do our part. Remember that we are all a team.

Keeping ourselves safe during the pandemic
is crucial to win against COVID-19.

Have Fun Tailgating Your Way!

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