Raiders Score In Vegas- And So Do You!

Everyone Wins! What a Trip!

How many ways have the Raiders scored in Las Vegas! As the team moved this spring, some fans remained unhappy. Las Vegas is extremely excited about the team, the fans, and the fun. We see the move as giving fans an awesome gathering place. People that cannot afford season tickets can still be a part of the energy.  Spur of the moment trips are possible and it’ll be a great experience. More fans, more silver and black everywhere – for days!

Some Northern Californians still see the move as desertion. At RaiderLadies, we see the move as unification. Attending a game is a perfect excuse for a road trip for a weekend, or even to fly in for the day. Fans and the Raiders both scored in Las Vegas. Get ready, it’s going to be a lot of fun!

No matter where you live or your point of view, the Raiders move is positive for the team. Therefore, as a fan, I choose to support them and make the best of it. The stories we’ve heard are that the team is extremely happy with the change because of the lifestyle changes. Can you imaging how they feel about living within a 10-minute drive from home after making a daily 90-minute commute to work? Moving to a city with over 300 sunny days a year and no fog? Living in homes 1/3 the price of No. California prices- that are new? And, for a 20-Something player, Vegas is paradise.

Happy Players Win More

The Raiders scored in Las Vegas with the finest stadium in the country and wow! what a headquarters! For 60 years, except for a 12-year phase in Los Angeles, the Raiders home was in Northern California. As their stadium crumbled, Oakland failed to offer them or the fans a viable alternative. It makes sense that Raider Nation went house hunting. They ultimately chose a city where fans can move if they want and thrive. If moving isn’t an option, traveling for games is affordable and a treat. After all, they could have chosen someplace boring and cold, right?

The Raiders’ process of finding a new home started about 10 years ago. There were some major hurdles to conquer to make Las Vegas home. The biggest? Professional Sports were not allowed in Nevada by the Nevada Gaming Commission. Las Vegas made sense for accommodating the team as well as you, the fans. Nevada’s governor, the county, and Henderson all did everything they could to accommodate the Raiders. After finding that there was an available site within walking distance of the Las Vegas Strip, the new stadium site was chosen.

Raiders Scored In Las Vegas

Since then, the Raiders, Las Vegas, and the fans have built the best stadium and headquarters in the NFL. Now, about 3 billion dollars later, buildings are complete, streets created and named Raiders Way and Al Davis Drive. The hiring of 4500 employees was done just to be put on hold. Sponsors have been lined up. Hotels have remodeled and public transportation was stepped up or created.

The stadium received its Certificate of Occupancy on July 31, 2020. There are still things to be completed, but not many. Eventually, the Grand Opening has been postponed and concessions will not be stocked. It’s a shock after 10 years of planning, however, games with no fans are far better than the alternative. Mark Davis doesn’t want to have the grand opening without ALL the Season Ticket Holders present. Having a game with partial capacity is therefore not an option. The fanfare and hoop-la will happen one day.

Raiders practice facility

Raiders in Las Vegas

The Raiders now use world-class facilities that were planned and built with the best of everything and multiple fields- both indoors and outdoors. Not only has the organization’s headquarters improved dramatically, but those 250-300 staff members and their families can now afford to live right next to work. Housing near the facility consists of new, affordable homes that are beautiful, smart, energy-efficient, and luxurious.

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When moving day came, Las Vegas was shut down and in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their move was challenging for everyone. Even though the news showed minimal fanfare when the team arrived, residents are excited. Las Vegas has been looking forward to the Raiders’ arrival for about 5 years. We love living here but don’t think that the team realized how much they would enjoy living in Las Vegas.

Thankfully the new facility with its climate-controlled indoor fields made spring training in Las Vegas bearable. Think about downtime being spent with their families instead of video-chatting. Maybe having Spring Training in town will become a tradition since it’s possible. The third week of August the team was bussed to practice at Allegiant Stadium. This was the first time that most of the players had their first look inside the stadium. There was genuine happiness.

The Raiders Scored A City

Today there’s hype, energy, and excitement in the air. The Raiders scored! Every news program is the “Official News” of the Las Vegas Raiders. The team has won hearts and minds without leaving their homes or playing a game. Powerful!

Some fans will “get to” travel further for games, some of you may even choose to move to Las Vegas. Airfare is inexpensive. Hotels in the city are both fun and luxurious. Vacation homes and high-rise condos are in demand.

Las Vegas has a gaming image, but for residents, The Strip is just 1 street in a big city of over 134 square miles. Even if you don’t drink or gamble, delicious food, spa treatments, tours, concerts, and shows are always a treat. And remember, the Raiders could have chosen to move to somewhere boring and cold! Although the hat below is cute, warm weather feels good!

Raider Ladies score in Las Vegas

The Raiders’ Jackpot

1. The Best Stadium In The World– Wow! What an honor and treat Allegiant Stadium is for the team, the staff, and the fans! Accommodations and entertainment are all 5-Star. Ingress and egress to and from the stadium for fans couldn’t be easier!

2. The Best Practice Facility In The World–Wow again! All I can think about is what an advantage the team has now- they’ll play even better. By having a private state-of-the-art training facility, all of the offices are there, as well as their own Olympic-sized swimming pool! Besides having 3 exterior fields, there are more inside. Within the facility, the climate-controlled fields have a roof high enough to allow the highest kick-off or punt to soar unencumbered. Have you seen the weight room?

Positives of training facilities

3. Time and ConvenienceHenderson’s Executive Airport is directly across the street from the practice facility and offices. McCarran International Airport is only 10 miles down the hill from headquarters. Las Vegas and Henderson have minimal traffic. This considerably minimizes travel times, and both airports offer traveling convenience.

4. Quality of Life- Las Vegas is a great place to raise a family and to play if you don’t have a family yet. Houses are affordable, high-tech, and affordable. Views are breath-taking. Schools newer with great quality teachers and everyone they know will want to visit them! Minimal traffic will be a dream, and 310 sunny days a year is invigorating.

The organization’s new buildings are quite impressive for daily work and also for recruiting. Having the best of everything, great security, and high tech medical across the street are all big reasons for the players to love being at work! Them playing better will our reward.

Fans Score Too

1. Fans and Their Experience– Instead of a day, fans can take a weekend or a vacation. Allegiant, Frontier, Spirit, and Southwest are all affordable airlines out of McCarran. Think Shows! Luxury Hotels! 5-Star Restaurants! Sight-Seeing! Outdoor Recreation! and more… Check our “Shop” page before buying seats, Raiders gear, or when booking a trip (in the future). We Raider Ladies think it’s important to inform you of the best deals that we can find.

2. Quality Fan Experience- An extra $200 million was raised from selling out the PSL’s – Personal Seat License. This money has been used to improve the sound in the stadium to the best available. Translators were another splurge. They say that there will also be other surprises…

3. Team Spirit– A typical football game has parties outside in a parking lot before and after the game. We are now talking entire weekends in Vegas for a game. Think of the camaraderie you’ll experience with like-minded fans ALL weekend! There will be black shirts throughout every casino in town. You’ll meet people in , bars, clubs, restaurants, tours, and even in elevators who also love the Raiders. FUN!

We hope you agree- Do you think the Raiders scored in Las Vegas? We do.

Raiders’ Fans Didn’t Lose Our Oakland Team,
They Gained
The Entertainment Capital of the World!

Raiders Score In Vegas

By The Way: Have you heard of the Vegas Flu? The first year the Las Vegas Golden Knights NHL team played, the other teams indulged in the “Las Vegas Attractions” the night before. The flu helped the Knights achieve a spectacular debut season. Hopefully, opposing football teams won’t be confined to their rooms.

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