Greg Olson

Greg Olson

Offensive Coordinator

Greg Olson’s knowledge in football is deep and comprehensive. He has been with many teams, both as a player and coach. Being athletic, in High School Greg Olson played baseball, football, and wrestled. After being the quarterback of Richland High in Central Washington, Greg chose to go to Spokane Junior College. Two years later, Greg Olson headed to Central Washington University then attended grad school earning his Master’s Degree in Physical Education. As a student coach, he spent two years coaching Jon Kitnick.

Spending 3 years at Idaho State as an assistant football coach, Purdue came calling. He packed his bags heading east and spent 1999 and 2000 as their quarterback coaching Drew Brees. Drew was a Heisman Trophy finalist both years and finally won the Maxwell Award in 2000. The Maxwell Award is awarded to the player that is the nation’s most outstanding football player that season.

Coach Greg Olson and the NFL

Greg Olson’s NFL coaching career began in 2001 with the San Francisco 49ers. Becoming a well-rounded coach through his various positions coaching for Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, and Tampa Bay before the Oakland Raiders hired him in 2013. Being fired by the Raiders in 2014, Coach Olson went back to Jacksonville then the Rams in Los Angeles before being hired back by the Raiders in 2018.

The disadvantage about coaching in the NFL is that if the team doesn’t win the coach gets fired. The advantage about coaching for different teams is the invaluable knowledge gained by working with the best coaches in the NFL. We are glad to have Coach Olson on our Raiders team.

The Olson Family

Coach Greg Olson relocated to Las Vegas with his wife, Lissa and their twin 13 year-old kids, Kenneth and Grayce. Coach Greg met Coach Lissa at Purdue where she was the head coach of the Men’s Division I Track and Field Team. Welcome to the Las Vegas Valley!

Did You Know?

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Coach Greg Olson loves London

Since Coach Greg is an accomplished and respected multi-millionaire coach in a competitive industry, he spends his free time differently from the rest of us.

He takes his team to London to bond with teambuilding activities. Our coach has been to London more than seven times and he doesn’t see himself stopping his huge tours to the British city.

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