More Than Football!

Raider Ladies was created because ladies like things that are different than men. Women care more about the people and lifestyles than the hits and stats. Sure, we also enjoy the game. 

With the Raiders moving to Las Vegas, at least half a million women in the Las Vegas area want to embrace them. Not having the history of loving the team, some things may bore you, but hopefully, you’ll smile remembering. They can like two teams, right? Let’s embrace the new fans and show them why we are Raider Nation For Life.

The city now has two professional sports teams, a racetrack, and many great entertainment venues. See our Las Vegas Lifestyle page. Taking a trip to Vegas is no longer all about gambling. It has become more about sports, entertainment, and food with gaming as a bonus. Californians, you may want to consider living here- it’s nice!

For California Raiders fans, attending a Raiders game is no longer a 4- hour event. Seeing a game in Las Vegas is going to be an entire weekend or even a week-long vacation! Taking inexpensive round-trip flights the same day is an option. However, you’re in Vegas! Don’t leave so soon! With everything there is to do around the city, game weekends are an adventure!

Ladies Fun!

Raider Ladies was created for the Ladies of Raider Nation, both old and new fans. This site is about empowering women. We are a place where ALL Raider Ladies can unite to share, learn, network, shop, and talk about anything Raiders, football, and Las Vegas. Hopefully, as a team, we can make a difference within our communities and within the Raider Nation.

This site does not exclude men, but, as a site written by women for women about what women care about, men may not like some sentences. Besides putting our social media posts and videos, we will write about the players, the gear, the city, the charities, and the fun that comes with it all! We want you to share your photos, vote, and play together at events.

Zoom watching parties? The possibilities for this new group are endless. Give us some ideas below, then bookmark and follow us. RLN4L!

It’s OUR Raider Ladies Nation!

Together We Are Raider Ladies

The Las Vegas lifestyle is thrilling! Complementing the city’s outdoor activities, we have 5-star dining, entertainment, and also professional sports! The Las Vegas Raiders have made a huge impact on our city already!

Make us your team! Raider Ladies’ Nation is about fun, networking together, and supporting our cities through the team.
We Are #VegasStrong but more importantly, #AmericaStrong! 

Join us on FB at Raider Ladies Nation and Instagram at RaiderLadies. Our gift to you is to find the best deals on travel and Raider Gear for you every week. Bookmark us and keep coming back!

Together We Make A Difference!

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