Josh Jacobs

Josh Jacobs

Running Back

2021 Update: Josh Jacobs missed a few games in 2021 due to injuries. He hurt is toe, ankle, and ribs – it’s tough job! In the 14 games he played while healthy, he scored 9 touchdowns and carried for 872 yards. Averaging his healthy stats, he would have ranked #14 in the league. 

Original Bio: Josh Jacobs had it tough before his opulent lifestyle as a professional football player. He came from a family where at times in life had nothing but an eachother. 

Marty Jacobs, Josh’s dad, was devastated and financially crippled by an unexpected divorce. It led to their family losing their home and they spent some time sleeping in their car. Sleeping in a car can scar a child for a very long time. It’s quite inspiring how Josh was able to rise from his circumstances in life with passion and dedication to his sport.

The Raiders selected Jacobs in the first round (24th overall) of the 2019 NFL Draft. He was recognized as “Most Valuable Offensive Rookie of the Year.” As a starting running back, Josh has been a great asset to the team.

Just as important, Josh is a great role model for teens that have it tough. He’s a real classic rags-to-riches kind of man, isn’t he? Josh proves to us that we can get far in life with passion and determination despite the challenges of our pasts. 

Nowadays, Josh pours his assistance into those who are less fortunate. He’s active in “First Place for Youth” which aims to help foster teens to build the skills they need to make a successful transition into self-sufficiency and responsible adulthood.

Using his celebrity, you’ll see his Instagram post for selling #28 masks where all proceeds go to National Child ID Program, child homelessness, and those affected by COVID-19. Josh is a Winner- Thank you!

Did You Know?

How much does Josh earn playing professional football?

Josh signed a four-year deal slotted to pay $11.9 million over four seasons. That sum includes a $6.69 million signing bonus, and there’s a fifth-year team option standard  josh jacobs dad housefor all first-round draft picks. The payout is fully guaranteed, according to NFL Network, and stands as the last such guarantee in the NFL’s draft order.

What did Josh do with some of his signing bonus? Surprised his father with a new home. Family’s the best!

Josh Jacobs Social Media

Who’s On Your

Fantasy Football Team?

Josh Jacobs is a good Fantasy Football pick in 2022. With the Raiders adding Davante Adams to the team, that means more passing yards which means more possible red zone plays for Josh. Let’s hope that this all pans out and everyone wins!

So far the Raiders have not accepted the 5th year option in Josh Jacobs contract. In 2021, Josh was out for 3 games but was played less after his injuries. His fantasy average points were 14.7 making him a decent pick this year. The change of coaches and players on the Raiders’ roster may make his an excellent pick or a poor one…

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