The Basics – How To Play Fantasy Football


It’s time to play Fantasy Football! Most leagues run parallel to the NFL Season from Weeks 1-17.

Size of Leagues:

Leagues can be made up of 6-16 teams. The rule of thumb is that the smaller the league, the easier it will be. Six teams tend to be a fun and easy size and often free. 8 is considered a beginner league that’s free or has a low cost. When playing with a group of friends, we’ve found that we want 10 teams to accommodate all skill levels.

Having 10 teams is intermediate and the most popular. The advanced size is usually 12-16 teams, and the money will often go up. According to our sources, 14 and even 16 teams are considered to be a bit chaotic and crazy. 

Steps To Start Playing:

  1. If you are playing with an established group of people that you know, you’ll want to ask them for the site and/or app that they use
  2. If you are going to play alone or invite your friends and/or family, you want to research different sites to find what you’re looking for.
  3. Sign up on your chosen site and download their app if applicable. Apps make playing easier, but playing on browsers is also perfectly fine. 
  4. The next step would be joining or creating your own league. A league is a set of people who would be playing against you for the championship. You might want to invite your friends or your relatives at this point.
  5. Everyone wants to sign up at the same time for an online league so you can play together. Spots fill quickly. Share a call and sign up at the same exact time. Do it ASAP.
  6. After completing your league, the drafting of players begins. Each league is given a draft time. If you don’t show up, the computer will draft players for you.  When in a league with friends, in-person Draft Parties are fun. Online groups take turns choosing players using various methods virtually. If you’ve played before, tell us in the comments below how you prefer to choose teams.
  7. Your platform’s app will have the projected fantasy points for each player posted, and you can choose according to positions. They really make it easy. Log in before your draft time to see how their app works.
  8. After the draft, you’ll manage your team as their “owner” for the entire season. Your team’s score depends on the individual performance of the real-life players. Points are scored through scoring touchdowns, catching passes, sacks, and gaining yards.
  9. You’ll be matched against different opponents in your league each week.
  10. If you win enough matchups, you may make it to the playoffs and possibly a championship depending on the platform. Regardless, bragging rights when beating your significant others and friends is a great reward. 

Websites To Play Fantasy Football

Since states have different licensing guidelines, there are many good platforms that are not national ones. You might want to try googling local fantasy football leagues in your area too.

Research which league is best for you. Local leagues are the most fun if you want to play as a social activity. Draft night is usually a very good time. They consist of varied and creative methods to pick your team. Fantasy football is a great way to make friends and business connections. The most important thing is that you don’t have to be intimidated.

Conventions are held every year in Las Vegas for fantasy football players. One is held on opening weekend, and in 2018 over 1000 fantasy football players attended. That might be a lot of fun! There are over 300 platforms to play on. Below are some of the larger platforms. We play on the NFL FF platform – their free leagues have no ads. 

We suggest that if you’re a beginner, join a low-cost or free platform. Of course, free may or may not have time-consuming ads. Paying a small amount, maybe $5 – $10, will eliminate ads and may even up your commitment. 

NFL Fantasy Football 

Yahoo Fantasy Football        How to play fantasy football

ESPN Fantasy

CBS Sports  

Flea Flicker 

My Fantasy League 

Fantasy Football – A Great Way To Meet People

In-person leagues – friends, families, and co-workers often create leagues and have in-person events. may have a league in your town. In-person leagues are known for having great watch parties, and meeting other “team owners” is a great way to make friends and have fun.

When I read the demographics of Fantasy Football, I immediately suggested that my single girlfriends learn how to play fantasy football! This is where 20 MILLION single, educated, and employed men spend their time about 6 months a year!

Not only that, there are 4 men for every 1 lady. Since I learned this, my girlfriends have been studying stats and choosing which players they like. Not a bad idea… Instant common interests…

My husband and I play in a league with friends. We get together every Sunday or Monday with friends who also play. The conversations are fun and energetic. And of course, the competition gives us a great excuse to tease each other.

Who Plays Fantasy Football?

According to the Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association (FSGA), in 2020 “over 40 million people played fantasy football in 2020 with an average age of 34. 18% of the market is held by teens, an important demographic because they are likely to continue playing for years to come.” 

80% of all team owners are male, and 51.5% are not married. 68% hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. The majority of team owners are upper-middle-class earners with a median income in the $75–100K category. Conventions were/are held annually in Las Vegas – grab the girlfriends and attend next year! 

Ladies are the largest growing demographic of players. Let’s show the guys how to play! 

Ladies make up 40% of NFL fans. However, we only make up 17% of the Fantasy Football demographic. Join us at Raider Ladies Nation on Facebook and ask your questions or talk about fantasy football. Let’s spread the word.

Try playing this year ad you will probably enjoy it a lot. One of the spectacular features of Allegiant stadium is its internet capacity. With so many people playing fantasy football, they gave each seating section its own server to accommodate people checking their teams.

There are many fantasy football Facebook groups to browse. You’ll find team name suggestions, Top 5 Player Choices, Best Teams, How-To’s, and MANY “choose my platform” groups. Twitter is also a good social and educational place to go. People like helping others to learn their sport, so just ask!

Good Luck!

Top Raiders To DraftHow to play fantasy football raiders picks

Fantasy points vary according to which platform you play on. Basically, players score points for catches made and yards run, scoring, and also how few points a defense allows. For example: if a QB is known for running the ball and scoring himself, he will rank higher in Fantasy Leagues. If a wide receiver runs a lot of yards after catching the ball, he will rank higher.

Daniel Carlson – He only missed 2 field goals and 2 extra points all season in 2020. Consistency!

Derek Carr – Although Derek was the #6 Quarterback in the 2020 NFL stats, he is predicted to not score as many fantasy points as some of the other QBs. 

Also, consider putting Waller, Jacobs, Drake, and your favorite player on your team for fun.

Choosing Players Each Week

Because each team has a bye week, injuries, covid protocols, etc., your team will have a bench. If you don’t have a player to play in a particular week, you can swap out someone on your team with an unclaimed player. With Covid, if a #1 receiver for a team is out, maybe the #2 guy will score a lot of points and you want him for the week. Hmmm. There are many strategies and theories. The important thing is that you check your team each week to make sure everyone’s playing. 

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