Gus Bradley

Gus Bradley

Defensive Coordinator


Gus Bradley was hired in 2022 as the defensive coordinator for the Indianapolis Colts.

After a season filled with strife and a 10-7-0 record, Gus Bradley went out with the Jon Gruden coaching staff. Gus Bradley helped to hold the Raiders together in 2021, but it was a rough ride. The Colts hired Gus Bradley in February 2022.

Original Gus Bradley Bio: Hopefully, Gus Bradley is going to pull the Raider’s defense together. Coach Gruden hired Gus Bradley to be the Raiders’ Defensive Coordinator in January 2021. The Raiders Organization thinks he is a key factor in 2021 for a winning season.

Coach Bradley is another coach from Gruden’s past. In 2006, Gus Bradley was hired by Coach Gruden and the Buccaneers to be their Defensive Quality Control Coach. A year later, he was promoted to Linebacker Coach. Since then, Gus Bradley’s resume has gotten more and more impressive. 

Before coaching at Tampa Bay, Gus Bradley was a Defensive Coordinator for the Seattle Seahawks. During his first year there, he took Seattle’s Defense from the Bottom 5 in the league to the Top 5. They also were the #1 scoring defense during the 2012 season. 

After coaching in Tampa Bay, the Jacksonville Jaguars hired Coach Bradley as their Head Coach from 2013-2016. Eventually fired at the end of 2016, Gus was then hired by the San Diego Chargers. During his first year as the  Chargers’ Defensive Coordinator, the team had the 3rd ranked defense in the league in 2018. 

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Gus Bradley Las Vegas Raiders Coach NFL

The Beginning For Gus Bradley – NFL Coach

Gus grew up in Zumbrota, MN as the youngest of 6 kids. They had their own family football team. No wonder he’s a defensive pro.

Gus’s real name is Paul Casey Bradley, his wife is Michaela and they have 4 grown or almost grown children. 

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