Parking Near Allegiant Stadium and More

Do you want to know how to get Free Parking at Allegiant Stadium? The reality is that Las Vegas locals have been taking advantage of free parking for years. We have been getting free parking at T-Mobile Arena and at all MGM Hotel and Casino properties since they started charging.

Since Allegiant Stadium opened, free parking for its special events has joined our list of perks. The secret to receiving free parking at Allegiant Stadium is MGM’s M-Life Rewards Program. Not every level of MGM’s player’s cards gets free parking in Las Vegas, only the “Pearl Member” status players.

Pearl status means “High Roller” and free parking is only one benefit that they receive. Comps and status levels are still based upon the amount of money you gamble with your card. With one exception. Their credit card holders…

Well, maybe two exceptions – We have heard that active military gets free parking at MGM Properties too. Since we don’t know how it works yet, we suggest you ask at any MGM Property what benefits active military receives. 

Step By Step – How To Get Free Parking at Allegiant Stadium

There is an MGM M-Life MasterCard with no annual fee. All M-Life MasterCard holders automatically qualify as a Pearl status member in their Rewards Program. Here’s what you do:

1. Google M-Life Mastercard. Apply for and receive an MGM M-Life MasterCard.

how to park for free at Allegiant Stadium2. You need to go to ANY MGM Property and find their Players Club Area. It takes less than 5 minutes to receive your card/s.

Request a couple of Pearl Status cards by showing your ID and credit card. You can do this days before the game or on game day after you park or before you leave.

3. Get a parking ticket as you enter the parking garages. Do not go to a “Pay Here” machine when exiting a property. You’ll want to Insert your Pearl Players Club Card into the machine at the parking lot exit any MGM-owned property. Note – they often have attendants there to do it for you. 

4. Make a purchase at least once a year. You don’t want to re-apply and visit the club again. A Pearl Card expires after a year so check the expiration date and go to the Player’s Club again when necessary.

5. Their credit card does have a points program. You may want to use your M-Life credit card at MGM Properties when you visit them.

NOTE: We went to Circa in Downtown last month, and they accepted our Pearl Club Card to gain their higher player status. That level of card automatically gave us free parking at their 3 properties plus food discounts. It’s worth asking if your Pearl Club Card affects your status at every hotel player’s club in Vegas. Free parking adds up, and food discounts do too!

Where To Park For Free For A Raiders Game With M-Life

The best place to park for a Las Vegas Raiders Home Games is in the Mandalay Bay Parking Garage. The second best place to park for a Las Vegas Raiders Home Game is at the Luxor Parking Garage.

Despite there being a street between the two hotels, it is closed off to traffic during Allegiant Stadium events. The street (AKA Hacienda and Mandalay Bay) becomes a pedestrian walking bridge for special events.

The stadium is just on the other side of the freeway- very close- maybe a block to 1.5 blocks to the north entrance. Parking at the hotel parking garages also helps you avoid the crowds exiting the stadium parking lots – and that can get extremely crowded.

You might want to celebrate after the game at the Luxor’s Budweiser Beer Garden – see below. 

Finding The Parking Garages At Game Time

The entrance to both the Mandalay Bay and Luxor Self-Parking Garages is on Dean Martin Drive. You’ll enter from the north side of the Luxor or the Russell Road side of Mandalay Bay. At the side of the Mandalay Bay Hotel is a street light for Dean Martin Drive.

Turn SOUTH. It will circle you under Russell Road to gain how to get free parking at Raiders games in Las Vegasaccess to Dean Martin Drive. Look for the traffic signal and follow the sign/s. If you get lost, the security people are great and will give directions.

Get your parking ticket from the machine as you enter the garage. The parking closest to the bridge to the stadium has stairs right there. There are also elevators and escalators in the garages.

The walk from the Mandalay Bay Parking Garage to Allegiant Stadium is around 10 minutes. Consider taking water with you for the walk if it’s hot.

When leaving the parking garage, you’ll insert your Gray Pearl M-Life Players Card into the machine. Make sure you use your Pearl Card to exit the parking garage – NOT YOUR CREDIT CARD. 

You just saved $75 – $100 for home Raiders’ game parking! 

Other Free Parking At Allegiant Stadium

For Preseason Game 1, our team went to the stadium 4 hours early to scope things out. The streets circling the stadium were turned into one-way 4 lane streets. People were already crossing the pedestrian bridge to the stadium and taking in the views. Vehicles were parading their flags and fans were stylin’ in their Raiders Gear.

As we entered Al Davis Way heading south from Russell Road, the first hotel (Hampton Inn) had parking for $100. See the above picture. Most of the businesses before the stadium charged $100. A side street just north of the walking bridge still had some available spots to park for free. The street in front of the stadium was closed-off with buses. Tailgaters were lined up and entering the stadium parking lots.

After the stadium, still on Al Davis Way, parking was $75, and then it went down to $50. The Hustler Gentlemen’s Club has parking for $75 and hosts its own “Tailgating Party.” Continuing south, a side street still had open parking before you hit Russell Road.

There are numerous entrances everywhere except where the grass field rolls out on the South side. The Passenger Pick-Up/Drop Off area in the entire west side of the stadium. Side streets with businesses are all in that quadrant. Parking on the streets without “No Parking” signs is legal.

Where Do We Get Free Parking For Allegiant Stadium Concerts?

Free parking for concerts at Allegiant Stadium will vary by what day of the week the concert is held. Some nearby businesses charge to park, and others do not. This is where we recommend that you look for free concert parking at Allegiant Stadium at least an hour before the concert starts. Parking at night may and may not be manned by businesses on side streets. There are plenty of places to park if you’re willing to walk a couple of blocks.

Event parking at Allegiant Stadium varies in price according to the scheduled event. There is usually a backup for ridesharing access that can take hours to get through. If you are ridesharing, we recommend that you walk across the bridge and utilize The Luxor and Mandalay Bay’s loading areas.

There are frequent buses along Las Vegas Blvd. that cost $2 per person. Underground transportation to and from the stadium is under construction so be patient in the meantime. If you are staying in a hotel, ask the concierge what their hotel offers.

Bringing Stuff Into Allegiant Stadium

Whatever you bring into any NFL stadium for any game must be inside clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC bags.

The size container for personal belongings must be smaller than 12” x 6” x 12.”

Small clutch bags, 4.5” x 6.5” x 2” can be taken into the stadium in addition to one of the approved-sized clear bags described above.

Exceptions will be made for necessary medical items. All items are subject to inspection prior to entry into Allegiant Stadium.

Prohibited items: these include, but are not limited to, purses larger than a clutch bag, coolers, briefcases, backpacks, fanny packs, cinch bags, seat cushions, luggage, computer and camera bags, or any bag larger than the permissible size. Link to the full NFL clear bag policy with FAQ’s.

There are 2 bag check areas available at Allegiant Stadium. One is at the North Gates and one at the West Gates (Uber and bus entrances). The cost to check a bag is $20 and all bags must get picked up within 60 minutes after the game.

The Budweiser Beer Garden At The Luxor

Luxor’s Budweiser Beer Garden Watch Parties

Raiders Luxor Budweiser beer garden pre-game stageThe Luxor and Mandalay Bay Hotels set up a Budweiser Beer Garden in front of the Luxor. It’s in the front of the Luxor just past the walk-over bridge connecting the hotels. It’s an outdoor Watch Party Central with no cover charge.

The middle of the Beer Garden features a large stage with 4 giant TV walls to watch games before and after or even the Raiders if you’re not at the game. Multiple tables are on all sides of the stage. There’s a DJ and a few tailgating activities.

They had various booths around the venue. Entrance to one club is VIP and the other costs money. There are some Raiders Cornhole games to play and a photo booth. The food may seem inexpensive after eating in some Las Vegas Strip hotels. A Brat or a Bud cost $14. Cocktails are $15. Outside drinks were only allowed inside the beer garden for medical reasons.

We think that the beer garden will be a very popular place – especially for out-of-town games and after-game celebrations. The people we spoke with were terrific and the parking is free. It’s going to get better every week as the word spreads. See you there! Information

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