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Foster Moreau

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Foster Moreau was drafted in the fourth round of the 2019 NFL Draft. Since the announcement, Foster definitely fostered big expectations not only from the fans but also from his fellow pro ballplayers. Raiders Coach Jon Gruden himself envisioned Foster becoming a big part of the Las Vegas Raiders’ future. 

The reason being, more impressive traits about Foster were discovered and revealed after the 2021 Training Camp. During the camp, Foster had the opportunity to play with Darren Waller, who has also been a Tight End for the Raiders since 2018. Foster described the chance as “one of the greatest blessings in the world,” and, indeed it was!

During the camp, Waller was able to see the potential in Foster and said that he could be a vital component for the team. He pointed out Foster’s attention to detail and how he’s smooth and on fire during their games. 

Perhaps, he has just proven himself worthy of the 4-year 3-million-dollar contract!


Foster played four seasons of college football for the Louisiana State University Tigers and was recognized as a Pro Football Focus All-Rookie team. He has been an impressive player and was awarded in his senior year as the team captain with the prestigious jersey number 18. 

LSU’s tradition of wearing jersey number 18 was started by Tiger quarterback Matt Mauck in 2003 and Foster has been one of the few who were able to carry on the tradition. He used to wear an 84 and his first time pulling an 18 was surely a surreal moment!

While with the LSU Tigers, Foster played a total of 49 games with 52 receptions for 629 yards and six touchdowns. And right after the end of his senior year, he played in the 2019 Super Bowl where he had the chance to show more of his game to the NFL scouts, eventually opening doors for his pro ball career. 


Foster may be a valuable asset for the Raiders not only because of his skills on the field but also because of his manners and pure love for learning. 

In the latest season, Foster was able to play with Jason Witten who has had a 17-year career in football. Although the time was quite short, Foster expressed that he deeply values the experience of learning from him. He even shared their mantra, “BE WHERE YOUR FEET ARE” which he plans to embody by being professional, by approaching the game as it is, and by keeping in mind that no one is better. 


The promising 24-year-old is finally here, Ladies! People say his path in pro ball has been cemented the moment he got picked as 137 overall. All he has to do now is show the world that he is capable and can continue building his career. 

Still, it’s just starting, but will this continue to be Foster’s breakout year? We’re excited to see! 

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With a following of almost 70k combined on Instagram and Twitter, Foster makes use of his platform quite well. In April 2020, Foster posted his campaign and partnership with to help with the COVID-19 relief efforts. He encouraged his fans to donate, and in exchange, he gave out a signed jersey, and promised to follow back anyone who donated 25 dollars. 


Foster may be tough on the field, but inside, is also a child. If you want to see more candid moments of Foster, you’ll find a lot on his Youtube Channel, Big Fof  where he channels his gaming skills online. You’ll see him play and do commentaries about, guess what? Pokemons!


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