Tale of the Tailgate: What to expect when you tailgate with the Raider Nation

Tailgating with the Raider Nation, officially the name of NFL Raiders Fans, is an unforgettable experience. Raider Nation Fans are entertaining and definitely the most passionate group of fans in the country. Their relentless devotion for the team has turned the Raiders into a brand that is focused on fan experience, not promotions.

Raider Nation fans together with another dedicated group of fans called The Black Hole, have a well deserved tailgating reputation. The most notorious Raiders fans are known as The Black Hole. Combining Black Hole gear with the rest of Raider Nation’s silver and black creates the ultimate tailgate party setting! Raider Nation fans pride themselves with the creating the best Tailgate Experience.



The Hole Raiders Tailgating

Tailgating, a popular social event held before and sometimes after games, usually occurs around the open tailgates of vehicles in the parking lots of stadiums and arenas. Come prepared because once you’re there, you won’t want to leave! Tables and chairs are popular, bring a lot of food and drinks, team gear and hardcore costumes if applicable, and plenty of camaraderie for sharing with other fans.

Wear your Raiders’ Gear!

Over the years, the Raiders have made it a tradition to line up in their Recreational Vehicles (RVs) outside the stadium the night before the home game. That makes for a nighttime party of dancing in the streets and then they start up again at the game day party.

All of the Raider Nation Tailgaters wear their Raiders gear, their many styles of silver and black clothes.  Black Hole Raider Nation fans get a bit more extreme with gothic costumes bearing spikes, skulls and heavy make-up. Both groups look great, play great together and have a great time!

Grilling & Music

The smell of all the grills brings excitement among the group. They feast on party staples such as  chips, barbeque, hot dogs, and steaks. Beverages include beer, soft drinks and water which are shared by every attendee with every other attendee. Soon the music gets so loud, you have to yell to be heard, and your smile doesn’t leave your face. The party is on!  

Companies come and give swag away, some of it really good, so come early. Bands and performers also come to play music to liven up the crowd and help pump and energize everyone throughout the day. In fact, rock band Green Day led by Billy Joe Armstrong, is one of the biggest Raiders fan around. Green Day has blasted their music at many past Tailgate events. There are also games to join in, in case you are tired of headbanging, or your tummy is full of all the delicious food.

All of this party-goer hoop-la gives rise to fun, anticipation and excitement for “What’s Next?” Tailgating events get everyone started by boosting everyone’s energy before they ever set foot inside the stadium.

Inside, fans scream and shout and lose their voices while watching a spectacular game. Raiders’ fans have unconditional passion and support while cheering on the Raiders, however, there’s just one thing that everyone asks for in return- In the words of AI Davis, “Just WIN, Baby!”

Things will be different in Las Vegas, the debates will start about where the night before fun is best. As a LA and Oakland and now Las Vegas fan, I can tell you that one thing will always be undebatable – that is the fabulous times to be had at a Raiders Tailgate Party!

Welcome To Vegas Raider Fans!

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