Derek Carr

Derek Carr


Derek Carr is already a Las Vegas Local. Six months after moving to the Entertainment Capital of the World, despite not going out much, the plan is working. The Raiders are adding to the Las Vegas Scenery in a big way. Although sadness always comes with leaving a home city, this move has been great for the man, his family and his team. 

By saving 2-4 hours a day not having to commuted, the quality of life has improved for the entire Carr family. Not much compares to having the best stadium and team headquarters on the planet.

Winning gives hope and attention to Las Vegas which has been hit hard by unemployment, must feel great too. Derek and the Raiders have had two wins in two weeks. This is the Raiders’ best start since 2017. Keep it up Raiders! Winning hearts and minds in all three cities- Oakland, Los Angeles and Las Vegas has to be a great feeling too. Welcome to Las Vegas to Derek and the entire organization! 

Derek and Football 

Derek Carr has always had his heart in football. In 2009, Derek enrolled as an early-entry freshman in the spring semester at Fresno State University. He did this so he could participate in the spring football program with the Bulldogs.

After two years of impressing the coaches, Derek took over the starting quarterback position for Fresno State in the fall of 2011. The Oakland Raiders selected Derek in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft with the 36th overall pick. Now, a Raiders game is incomplete without him at the helm.

Love Life 

Derek is happily married to Heather Neel. Just like every romance, the couple’s love story had to start somewhere. Theirs started with a pickup line about Heather’s earrings. Ultimately, guy won girl. The couple met at Fresno State where Heather was a working student.

Heather was a cheerleader in Fresno High so they shared the love of football. There was a rough spot for a while. Derek partied in college while Heather devoted her life to working and being a good Christian. It was not a match made in heaven, but Heather sent Derek a letter that changed everything. Derek gave up the party scene and they were married not too long after that. 

The Carr’s Giving Back

Now, Mr. and Mrs. Carr have three sons. It’s not the end of their story though. When Dallas, their eldest was born, he was diagnosed with Intestinal Malrotation.

Seeing your first child suffer has be one of the hardest thing to experience as a parent. Surgery was able to correct Dallas’ condition and as a result, Derek and Heather give back.

Their experience led Derek to become involved in philanthropy. He spends a lot of time with kids in the hospital and helping financially. Those kids must love having Derek on their team! 

Did You Know?

What’s that Tattoo?

Derek’s right hand tattoo is a Chi Rho. It’s a monogram of chi (Χ) and rho (Ρ) as the first two letters of Greek Khristos Christ, used as a Christian symbol. It reminds us of the crucifixion of Christ. That’s a good balance of bad boy and devout Christian. The party boy is still there, he’s just covered with faith.

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