Andre James

Andre James


Andre James is a twenty-five-year-old former UCLA Bruin. During his five years of college, Andre played as an offensive right tackle. He declared for the NFL Draft in 2018 and became an undrafted free agent. The Raiders signed him to a two-year contract worth more than 8 million dollars in 2019. 

The Center of Attention

At 6’4″ and 300 pounds, he was a second-string offensive linesman. In 2021, with his renewed contract, Andre got a new challenge and a lot of excitement. After spending his college career as a tackle, Andre personally expected that he would always be a tackle for the Raiders. But to his surprise, he got to change positions from tackle to playing the center. 

More than the fact that Andre had never played center before, he had some big cleats to fill. With a three-day notice, Andre was chosen to step into the cleats of Rodney Hudson. Andre had some intense pressure while making his Raiders entry into the NFL. (In 2021, the Raiders traded All-Pro Center Rodney Hudson to the Arizona Cardinals) 

The change in such an important position was a big thing for both Andre and the team. Analysts predicted that he would “do well” playing center. He started off rough with a few penalties, but things improved. He is looking pretty good for the 2022 season.

Dynamic Duo with Derek

While preparing to play center for the Raiders, Andre spent a lot of time with Derek Carr. The two developed chemistry while spending two seasons together in Oakland and then 2020 in Las Vegas. The team dubbed them “The Raiders’ Dynamic Duo.

Fans noted their friendship after learning that the two spend time together doing something other than practicing reps together. Their favorite thing to do? Eating grilled American Wagyu Tomahawk steaks and smoked 16-pound brisket. Aside from football, Andre says he loves to eat! Sounds good to us!

In The Center of Raider Nation

After Andre’s rookie contract expired, the Raiders signed him to a 2-year extension with a guarantee of $4,000,000. His annual salary is $4325,000. Nice work if you can get it! He will be a free agent in 2024. Until then, take a hike Andre!

Did You Know?

From 75 to 77

Andre lost his father, Marcus James, to testicular cancer in October 2018 while in college. He remains close to his mother, Angela, and two younger siblings. Even with the sad loss, Andre mustered the strength to play football 5 days after his father’s passing. And with pride and honor for his late father, Andre brought home the victory against Arizona.

To further honor his father, Andre changed his jersey number. He was wearing jersey number 75 during his junior season. After his father’s death, Andre ended his college ball career with jersey number 77, his father’s birth year, 1977. He even has 77 in his Instagram username: @andrejames77.

Andre’s Raider Lady

Andre James changed his status in July 2022 to Fiance. Congratulations to Mikaela Thomas and Andre James on your engagement! Their romantic engagement happened in Tulum, Mexico.

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Andre James Raiders Center


You’ll see Andre’s gorgeous Raider Lady on Instagram! Lovely photos of Andre and his now fiance, Mikaela Thomas, are posted in each other’s Instagram accounts.

And if your goal is to achieve a healthy and sexy bod like hers, you’ll surely fall in love with Mikaela and her feed! She has some great exercise and fun adventures to inspire you. Check her Instagram and shower her with some Raider Ladies love!

Great Eats with Andre James

Andre loves not only eating but also grilling meat. In his IG story highlight entitled “Traeger,” you will find a compilation of him just grilling and having a wonderful time off from the field.

Another story highlight, “Great Eats” features him having great food and fun with fellow Raiders teammates. 

Go check his Instagram Highlights and have a some entertaining moments recorded by our Raiders guard and center, Andre James!

Andre James Las Vegas Raiders Center

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