Have You Seen The Al Davis Memorial Torch In Las Vegas?

On August 21, 2020 the Las Vegas Raiders entered Allegiant Stadium for the first time to have a practice there. The grass field was rolled into place. The locker rooms were open and the players got their first look at their new digs. Derek Carr commented “It’s the best stadium I’ve ever seen!” Mark Davis greeted the team before practice from the press box appearing on all the screens within the stadium.

Due to a heat wave the windows behind the torch were not open, however, the Las Vegas Strip behind the torch still mades a great picture. The new torch stands tall and proud waiting to welcome Raiders fans in the future.

Visible in an open bar area above the end zone at Allegiant Stadium, the torch is a scientific masterpiece. This one-of-a-kind aluminum and titanium torch is the largest 3-D printed item ever made. The flame, not yet revealed, is said not to be a projection or hologram. Gossip says it will be lit with light and fog. Hmmm… Allegiant Stadium

The first glimpse of the new torch for the public was on June 3, 2020. This occurred when for the first time ever, the sliding panel windows were opened. Revealed inside the northeast side of the new 2 billion dollar Allegiant Stadium was the NEW Al Davis Memorial Torch. From the inside of the gorgeous ultra-modern stadium, workers were treated to a historic moment.

Al Davis Honored

Allegiant Stadium’s new torch will be a grand tribute and symbol to the unparalleled Al Davis and his place in the history of professional football. It will also be a way for the Raiders and their fans to honor and remember Al Davis. He would have loved this magnificent setting inside the greatest stadium in the world watching his team.

Secure in its position, the new torch awaits the Grand Al Davis Memorial Torch Opening of Allegiant Stadium. The first home game is scheduled for Monday, September 21st. The city, the fans, the team and the stadium all await seeing the torch lit to the fanfare it deserves.

Both the new and the original torches send a message about sportsmanship, especially to the Raiders’ team. Not only will the new torch continue a tradition and be a tribute to Al Davis, it also has become the symbol of the team’s desire to win.

A Brief Look At The Raider Himself, Al Davis

Known for his competitiveness and love of sports, Al Davis became a household name by coaching and managing the Oakland Raiders before owning the football team. Hired as Head Coach and General Manager of the Oakland Raiders in 1963, the team achieved a 10-4 winning record after a dismal beginning.

His first season as Head Coach earned him the distinguished AFL “Coach of the Year” title. Three years later, Al became the AFL Commissioner, where within 8 weeks, the AFL-NFL merger was announced creating unity and peace.

After purchasing 10% of the Raiders Organization for $18,500 (the price of a nice house) he returned to his team as a managing general partner. Over the years, Al enlarged his ownership of the team to 67%. He remained principal owner and general manager of the team for 39 years until his death in 2011.

Allegiant Stadium And Moving to Las Vegas

The team’s move to Las Vegas did not mean that the tradition of the original Al Davis Memorial Torch would stop. After all, the flame has become a living legacy and tradition for the Raiders. It is their way to honor and pay tribute to the unparalleled Al Davis. The new torch inside of this incredible stadium represents the man, the coach, the friend, and the history of professional football.

Inside 8-21 RJ

Allegiant Stadium, with a seating capacity of 65,000 football fans, gazes upon the magnificient resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. The energy and excitement on game day will be greater than ever before. The entire glittering Las Vegas Strip will be filled with fans.

With its innovative technology and design, the stadium represents an amazing future for the Raiders and their fans. Hopefully soon, fans from all over the world will be filling the stadium, paying tribute to Al Davis, watching games and cheering the Las Vegas Raiders on.

2 Legacies, 1 Future

Las Vegas has also embraced the Raiders and their fans by selling out every season ticket. By building the masterpiece stadium and wearing black and silver the city backs the team. Ever since license plates with the Raiders shield have been available sightings are frequent.

covid sign at allegiant

Despite Covid-19, the stadium is complete and waiting for its first game with fans. During construction and still today, there are signs posted throughout the stadium. Precautions are taken every day and temperature checks are required upon entry. There are numerous hand washing stations, and social distancing is enforced for most people. It’s tough to social distance with football. The entire team has committed to the other members to take every precaution in their private lives also.

No matter what the 2020 season brings, we know that it will not alter our passion for the team. Las Vegas, Oakland and the rest of the world look forward to seeing fans supporting and cheering for the love of football. Together we will all win.

“Just Win Baby!” Vegas Style

Where will you be to see the reveal of the new Al Davis Memorial Torch and Allegiant Stadium? When will The Stadium Have Fans? Did you get your ticket box this week? Whether the lighting occurs this year or next, in person or on television, I’m sure it will be memorable. We will see an unveiling meant to honor a great football team and a great hero, Al Davis, Vegas Style!

Could there be a city other than Las Vegas where the Raiders Nation could thrive so well? The Raiders have captured another city but this one is not shared. Las Vegas is the brightest place on the planet from space. Team spirit, Allegiant Stadium,  excitement and energy created by fans and the city itself will provides an unbeatable winning atmosphere. The torch is also a symbol of merging the future, the history and the legacy of the Great Oakland Raiders.

The team’s new home will feel the fire that burns bright within the Raiders Organization. It’ll feel the team’s commitment to excellence and, of course, the will to win. So, to quote the great man’s motto, perfect for the City of Las Vegas, “Just Win, Baby!”

Oakland Fans Haven’t Lost The Raiders,
They Gained

“The Entertainment Capital of the World!”

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