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The History Of The Raiderettes

Have you ever wondered about how and why the Raiderettes came about? The Las Vegas Raiderettes have the honor of being among the finest cheerleaders and dancers in professional sports. It’s been a long road getting the attention they deserve as more than beautiful women.  Let’s go back to the beginning…

1978 Oakland Raiderettes black and white picture

Most Raiders fans know that the Oakland Raiders Football team became the 8th AFL expansion team in 1960. Being a brand-new team near the established San Francisco 49ers, The Oakland Raiders were challenged from the start, finishing 1960 with a 6-8 losing season. Add having to play in 3 different venues that the first year, the attendance was also dismal. The attendance at the last 3 games of 1960 was:

Dec. 4 – Chargers @ Raiders   Attendance 12,061   (Lost 41-17)

Dec. 11 – N.Y. Titans @ Raiders   Attendance 9037    (Lost 31-28)

Dec. 17 – Denver Broncos @ Raiders   Attendance Under 7000   (Won 48-10)

Finishing that year losing $500,000, changes needed to be made. What else could be done to attract attendees? Their music director was Del Courtney, a jazz Big Band Leader, so he and his “Upbeats Band” were hired to do the show at half-time. Thinking that music wasn’t enough, it was suggested to Del that he add some girls or dancers for sex appeal.

Radio City Rockettes Influence

Knowing a retired Radio City Rockette, she and Del started visiting dance studios, thinking to emulate the cheerleaders in 1960's kicking like rocketsRockettes. After trying out these kids/dancers, 8 were chosen, and two were only 14 years old. The first program in 1962 had a blurb that said, “Our halftime production will be better than in 1961, with the addition of the Oakland Raiderette, a precision team modeled after the World Famous Rockettes of Radio City fame in New York City.”

The Raiderettes cheered at games for no money, but their parents were given tickets to the games. For the good of the team, they also did shows at the local tech center as publicity, also with no pay. This was the standard for sports with cheerleaders, including baseball and football. Soon after their debut, the Raiderettes were considered to be among the best.

Uniforms for the Raiderettes

Over the years, multiple uniforms were tried for the Raiderettes. Teams with cheerleaders in the 1960s had varied uniforms and equipment. Some teams used batons or gloves. Most had hats- the Steelers had silver hard hats and suspenders. The Dallas cheerleaders had tight gold pants, red fringed shirts, and white cowgirl hats until something happened in Dallas that forever changed the look of cheerleading.

different uniforms for Las Vegas raiders cheerleaders over 60 years

A Dallas cameraman who loved women took what he called “Honey Shots” of cute women in the crowd every week. One week a burlesque dancer named Bubbles Cash attended a game that was filmed in a micro-mini skirt blowing kisses to the men. Upon the staff seeing this, they went crazy. That was when uniforms became short, with skin showing wherever possible. The sexier the better. Cheerleaders were chosen for both looks and their dance ability from then on.

The Raiders Relocating
to Las Vegas

When the Raiders announced the team was relocating to Las Vegas, the world was shocked. The hometown team leaving Oakland in exchange for the Entertainment Capital of the World? A hundred different reactions abounded, and it took 4 years ago to move once the move was announced.

Most Raiders fans love their team intensely, so some simply moved themselves and their businesses to Nevada. Many retired and moved to Nevada, and many stayed in the Bay Area. Game days will be extremely busy at McCarran International Airport.

Some people investigated and saw what a Las Vegas Lifestyle really is. Although most people visualize Las Vegas as “The Strip,” it’s so much more. After all, the Las Vegas Strip is one street in 600 square miles of city. Las Vegas has considerably less expensive housing, minimal traffic, 300+ sunny days a year, and numerous professional sports. Add in having no state income tax, and Las Vegas gets very enticing.   Black Hole In Las Vegas

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