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It’s about time the women of Raiders Nation have a place to reference news, history, and player bios. See the Raiderettes as the classy women they are!  See You- The Fans and Their Families In Raider Gear. Be A Part Of Raider Ladies Nation!

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See Head Coach Josh McDaniels’ New Las Vegas Home Pictures

If you could live anywhere in Las Vegas, where would you live? What would your home look like? See the exciting Las Vegas lifestyle that the Josh McDaniels family chose.

Josh McDaniels front of house in Las Vegas

Six Ways Tailgating Helps Women Boost Their Careers

Networking at Raiders Tailgating Pre Game Party

Tailgating, for most of us, means socializing and partying until the game starts. We tailgate for the love of the game, the love of our team, and the love of mingling with friends and co-fans. While tailgating we live in the moment with hardly any thought of business.

Little do we know, and only a few realize it, but there can be more to tailgating than meets the eye. This deeper meaning, especially to adult professional women, can be business networking.

Why not turn fun into a business opportunity too?

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how to get free parking at Raiders games in Las Vegas

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How To Get Free Parking At Allegiant Stadium

Learn the secrets local Las Vegas residents know. Where to find free parking for games and concerts in 2022. Save $100 or more with this knowledge. (It’s not a sales pitch either!)

The History Of The Raiderettes

Have you ever wondered about how and why the Raiderettes came about? The Las Vegas Raiderettes have the honor of being among the finest cheerleaders and dancers in professional sports. It’s been a long road getting the attention they deserve as more than beautiful women.  Let’s go back to the beginning…

different uniforms for Las Vegas raiders cheerleaders over 60 years

Official Allegiant Stadium Ribbon Cutting 8-14-2021
First Game With Fans

Raiders Grand opening of Allegiant Stadium august 14, 2021
Raider Ladies Logo

The Raiders In Las Vegas!

When the Raiders announced that the team was relocating to Las Vegas, many fans were surprised. What? Our team leaving Oakland in exchange for the Sin City? The Entertainment Capital of the World? A hundred different reactions abounded. It took 4 years to move once the new location was announced. They moved during lockdown in 2020. 

Allegiant Stadium Las Vegas Raiders

After a year with no fans at the gorgeous Allegiant Stadium, 2021 should have been the Raiders’ best year ever. Game tickets were hard to come by, and hotel rooms booked. The least expensive resale seats for the Raiders’ 2021 Season Opener, Monday Night Football Game on September 15th, got up to $800 a seat.

Whether you watch games at Allegiant Stadium, a watch party, or from the best seat in your house, games were ENTERTAINMENT! The Raiders are home! 

The 2022 Season will be the Best of Las Vegas! Roster talent is continually added and Derek Carr and Davante Adams are together again.

The management and coaching staff has completely turned over and the first black, female NFL President was named for our team. As a Raider Lady, I am proud of my team and their staff. 

See our RL Sandra Douglass Morgan bio

When the Raiders organization and fans moved to Las Vegas, lifestyles changed. Although most people visualize Las Vegas as “The Strip,” it is so much more. After all, the Las Vegas Strip is only one street in over 600 square miles of communities in a master planned city.

Las Vegas has less expensive housing than most of America. There’s minimal traffic, 300+ sunny days a year, and incredible employment and entertainment opportunities. Add in Nevada having no state income tax, and Las Vegas is extremely enticing.   

Las Vegas Raiders Moving to Nevada houses

According to our sponsor Kurt Grosse with Realty One Group, “Over 60% of Raiders fans who moved to Las Vegas in 2020 and 2021 paid cash for their new home. Especially after selling a California home, Las Vegas is considered quite a deal! Crime rates are low, everything is located within 30 minutes, and the entire city looks nice.”

If you’re considering a Las Vegas move, contact his office or visit HomesForSale.Vegas to check out everything about Las Vegas. They also provides informational city tours to help you decide which area of Las Vegas is right for you.

Take advantage of the additional housing inventory we are enjoying right now. We haven’t seen it for years, but brand new homes are available to move into in 30 days. As a Realtor and former Nevada building engineer, Kurt is both an offensive and defensive coordinator when representing you. You want him on your team! 

Call or text his office with questions or for a free housing consultation today at 702-750-7599.

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